This is a personal blog written primarily by C3. Maya contributes behind the scenes. Both of us collaborate together on vlogs and running @thearielseries Instagram account. We create our content from personal experiences and beliefs. We voice we own opinions and concerns. We do not create content to represent our respective employers. Our work is developed on our own time and to fulfill our creative desires.

Paid Content

This blog abides by ‘word of mouth’ marketing standards. If there were to be an opportunity to accept forms of sponsorship, paid insertions, cash advertising or other forms of compensated articles, we are open to entertaining further discussion including legality on these matters. These articles will be clearly stated at the bottom of the page using the words Sponsored/Collaboration/Guest Post, etc. Any other content on The Ariel Series that does not include a disclosure statement anywhere within the post has been written by us, meaning we have not received anything in exchange for the post.


We are not experts on any specific topic and will not claim to be other than what is uniquely our experience. Therefore, we will not take any responsibility for any choices you make from our shared content. If we find any comments from other members of the public on this blog (this includes other bloggers and businesses) please be advised that we are not responsible for their comments nor do they necessarily represent our feelings or opinions. We also are not responsible for the content on the website they link to. You might find links to third party websites on this blog so please be advised that we are not responsible for their content or their policies. Please check with that particular site if you have any concerns.

Privacy Policy

Additionally, whenever we ask for your email address or information from you, we will guard it as we do with anything valuable to us. We won’t spam you and we won’t sell your information. We are here to build your trust and to create a community of growth, compassion, and stories. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at thearielseries@gmail.com.

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