It was a Race to the Proposal.

Friday, November 23, 2018: That’s the day we both bought engagement rings for one another. Here’s the twist. Neither of us knew the other was buying an engagement ring on the very same day. Both of us had parted ways during the Thanksgiving holiday that year to visit our respective families. We both were onContinue reading “It was a Race to the Proposal.”

The 5 Senses of Meeting Maya

This was a tough one. I attempted writing my version to Maya’s and my love story specifically for our wedding website. A few people provided me with similar feedback. “This doesn’t sound like you, Cecilia. You’re a romantic. Don’t write facts. Write from your heart.” They were right. I tried and tried again. I marinatedContinue reading “The 5 Senses of Meeting Maya”

The Wildest Advice I’ve Ever Heard about Marriage…and I Was Convinced.

I was mind-blown. I expected to be baffled with disbelief. But no, I was baffled with…assurance. You see, this particular advice would have been ideal to hear before becoming engaged. I made a commitment that I don’t intend to break. And yet, I am assured I made the best decision when I accepted the ring.Continue reading “The Wildest Advice I’ve Ever Heard about Marriage…and I Was Convinced.”

Why I told my Catholic, German Grandparents before Proposing to my Liberal, Jewish Partner

Pride Month is wrapping up. Many have been celebrating and decking out in every imaginable color from personal wardrobes to Target store racks. Others have been remembering and honoring lost heroes and friends. Some have discovered the novelty of their identities while a few more committed to becoming allies. And unfortunately, as always, there areContinue reading “Why I told my Catholic, German Grandparents before Proposing to my Liberal, Jewish Partner”

A New Way to Think About Engagement Proposals

Last weekend, I proposed. But you were already engaged. Yes, I know I proposed too. So, why ask her to marry you when you already said yes to her? Reciprocate the request for their commitment. That’s precisely the first reason why I proposed. Maya asked me but I didn’t ask her in return. She askedContinue reading “A New Way to Think About Engagement Proposals”