A Day Date in Baltimore

227 West 29th Street A bubbly hostess seated us. A lanky waiter served us coffees without a word and a bow of the head. Moments before ordering, our eyes twirled across the room, floor to ceiling, wall to wall. We marveled at antique toys glued to every available surface. A humble, stain-aproned chef served SpringContinue reading “A Day Date in Baltimore”

One Date Night a Week.

My partner, Maya, and I developed a once-a-week-date-night tradition which we started last fall. We take turns hosting the date night. Maya usually finds the local hidden gems for us to wine and dine. Last week was at Maydan, a hideout in Northwest DC which houses a 2-floor tall clay oven and majestic chairs suitableContinue reading “One Date Night a Week.”