Which Insurance, Fertility Clinic and Doctor???

This part of the process was our least favorite part. Nevertheless, it is one of the most important components to putting together your plan for trying to conceive via assistive medical procedures. What insurance do we pick? What fertility clinic should we go to? Which doctor do we want? Selecting Your Insurance. Maya and IContinue reading “Which Insurance, Fertility Clinic and Doctor???”

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1st Things 1st BEFORE Trying to Conceive via Artificial Insemination

In early 2019, the year Maya and I got engaged, we began having serious conversations about our wishes in creating a family together. It was clear from the beginning that Maya wished to attempt in becoming pregnant and wanted to do so as soon as it was the right time for us. We have otherContinue reading “1st Things 1st BEFORE Trying to Conceive via Artificial Insemination”

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A Queer and Deaf Pregnancy Journey? We got you!

Maya and C3 from @thearielseries are launching a vlog series regarding their “trying to conceive” journey as queer and Deaf prospective parents. They’re presenting this vlog series via American Sign Language, their primary mode of communication. This video is an introduction to this vlog series with which they call “American Sign Language: Trying to Conceive via Artificial Insemination” or “ASL TTC” for short. Hop on board!