A Day Date in Baltimore

227 West 29th Street

A bubbly hostess seated us. A lanky waiter served us coffees without a word and a bow of the head. Moments before ordering, our eyes twirled across the room, floor to ceiling, wall to wall. We marveled at antique toys glued to every available surface. A humble, stain-aproned chef served Spring Egg which we spotted on the “Breakfast Stuff” section in the menu. This is where Maya and I kicked off our day-date in Baltimore, Maryland. Papermoon Diner is an “eccentric, eclectic, technicolor dining experience that might be best described as ‘comfort food meets Baltimore with a twist.'” If you’re into milkshakes, try the Kaptain Krunch milkshake.

Cecilia dips into a hot chocolate at Papermoon Diner

501 East Pratt Street

At 9:45am, Maya and I admitted into the National Aquarium. We embarked on a hunt, a hunt for the Giant Pacific octopus. Having gone in the morning, we beat the heavy daytime crowd and were able to enjoy our view wherever we went. If you decide to go, be sure to find the Jellies Invasion exhibit which is past the cafeteria and dolphin’s tank! It can be easy to miss. That was my favorite exhibit. Spending 2-3 hours there will allow you to go through all the exhibits. Although, if you have children with you, you may want to plan for a longer visit. Also, be sure to find a nearby parking garage along E Pratt Street that accepts a discount from a National Aquarium visitor. When you go into the aquarium and have your admissions ticket scanned, make sure you ask for your parking ticket to be validated. Our parking ticket came with a $10 discount for the Market Place parking garage, adjacent to E Pratt Street. (And yes, we found the octopus!)

400 W Lexington St

Now, if you’ve had a crab cake before, you haven’t had the best yet. Just a 30-minute walk from the aquarium, and tucked in the back left corner of the Lexington Market, you’ll come upon the award-winning lump crab cakes at Faidley’s. This is where Maya and I chose to dine for a midday meal. This place has been selling fresh flavors from the Chesapeake Bay region since 1886. They even participate in next-day air-shipping of their tasty craft. And did I mention, they’ve been named one of the top 20 most iconic food destinations in all of America! Okay, before I make you drool more…

W 36th Street

A ten-minute drive from the aquarium, between Wyman and Roosevelt Parks, Maya and I strolled along W 36th Street for a few hours. This street houses multiple local shops and places to rest, drink, eat, read, and play. We paid visits to Ma Petite Shoe, Atomic Books and a nearby brewery, Waverly Brewing Company. Spending time in this area is likely to please or entertain any group or family. Choose what works for you and your crew.

Due to having evening plans of gin and rummy with friends back in DC, Maya and I did not stay past dinnertime. But with the city just being a short drive away, we are definitely going back again for another day date! That will likely include a visit to the George Peabody Library. I heard it boasts mesmerizing architecture, so if you have time you could pop by there too. Also, if you visit Baltimore during the summer, consider having an outdoor picnic meal at Phillips Seafood (kids eat free). Afterwards, you could hop onto one of the dragon or ship paddle-boats for a mini sail.

Have a great day in Bawlmer!*

*slang for “Baltimore” especially when asking another resident where in the city they live

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