Every day is a good day to express affirmation.

After brushing my teeth and grabbing my mouthguard, I step into the bedroom. Maya sits cross-legged, writing. With the brown leather book propped on her lap, she scribbles words of affirmation.

Maya’s and my daily affirmations for one another

Day 11: I admire how she knows what she wants in life. C3* knows exactly who she is and what she wants.

Day 19: On Tuesday, I received an e-mail from UPS. I was quite puzzled. It stated that my package is on the way. I didn’t order anything though. The next day, I trubiz got the package after work! It was from C3. It was a really nice feeling getting something unexpectedly from my love.

Day 23: You have no idea how I felt when I first saw C3 when she walked through the door. After not seeing her for a week, she looks more handsome than ever.

Slipping under the covers, I wait as Maya finishes up. Each night, the hour before bed, I think about this life with her. There are numerous pleasures and freedoms I experience, being in this relationship. Through shared and exchanged journaling, I make a conscious effort to communicate those privileges. I find that affirming one another reduces my taking this relationship for granted. Grinning broadly, Maya places the journal on my chest, waiting for me to read. She watches me carefully while I read what she has written. Soaking in my reaction — often times feeling a milky warm movement in my chest — I take my turn to write.

Day 4: As we finished up dinner, Maya did all the cleaning while I continued to spend time with our guests. I appreciate Maya’s way of hosting and how she doesn’t mind if I’m focused on the entertaining.

Day 15: She hid 6 notes throughout my overnight bag, stocked it with sweets, and included clothes I needed for the surprise bachelorette weekend. Maya contributed to the planning and scheming for this trip with my siblings which had me over the moon. I absolutely cannot wait to marry the life out of this woman.

Day 21: Hours spent at Spa World, laying in the red clay ball pit in our orange robes, resting our eyes, locking one another’s pinkies…it often feels like I’m in a world where its just us.

The act of affirming your loved one(s) reduces potential for future regret. Affirming another individual is a reminder of how precious our days are. They are numbered. Expressing affirmation to others may not be your thing. But hey, this is not about you. This is about them. Do this for them. The only element you need is to be genuine. Taking the time to pause, reflect, and comment on how your loved one enriches the lives of others (and you) is a priceless form of expression that all of us needs.

Our Affirmation Journal

*C3 is my “sign name” in the Deaf community and it is what I prefer to be called.

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Willkommen! The Ariel Series' content is created by both C3 & Maya. We share our contemporary Deaf, queer love story. We're currently parents to a Child of Deaf Adults (CODA) who is on the move! Have at it.

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